Portals I $1,600.00 Limited editions 1 of 25 ...... 55” x 32.5”

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Portals I $1,600.00 Limited editions 1 of 25 ...... 55” x 32.5”


The “Portal Series” was created with the idea of letting the imagination explore the many doorways into Worlds of the unknown.
Each piece comes signed and numbered by the artist. Along with a tamper-proof certificate secured by cryptography and transferred to the new owner upon purchase of the piece.
Your artwork will be produced to the highest standard using archival pigments on paper and shipped to you in a tube. ***Also available in other sizes and substrates such as Acrylic, Metal and Canvas prices vary. Enquirer with the artist.***

**** Images may not be representative to actual size of print****

To see the full Series visit: https://juliehartleib.myportfolio.com

Julie Hartleib is an Orange County native. Born and raised in Huntington Beach, California.
Julie’s extraordinary pieces are created by mixing various mediums and blending old world techniques with modern day technology. She will sometimes incorporate her original oil paintings or photography and then digitally enhance the work by layering and digitally painting until the piece takes on a whimsical playful style. Other pieces may start off from essentially a white canvas on her computer and from that she’ll paint and then combine and layer textures and colors to create a playful abstract piece of art. Continuing her experimentation with new digital media and digital painting she has found that using a digital paint brush and custom filters can achieve effects impossible by traditional means.

Her portfolio is filled with elaborately detailed and spectacularly colored images that have a luminous quality about them. Her playful topics are filled with movement and layered dimension giving her work a three dimensional feel. She is self-taught and freelances for a range of clients, designers and set designers.
The commissioned portraits are created by a photograph taken by Julie or she will go off of an old picture and turn it into an abstract piece of art.
Her work has taken many forms: drawing, photography, printmaking, graphic design, illustration and painting. Her pieces are limited editions of 25 usually, although Julie can make a one of a kind for a client if he or she so desires.
Julie loves the challenge of reaching beyond the norm and letting her imagination take her on a new journey.

Julie stated “When creating in a digital format the work takes on a third dimension in a world with limitless boundaries”.

Everyday she continues to learn new techniques in combining painting and layering in this way, and with so many substrates; paper, canvas, aluminum, and acrylic she’s living in the 21st century as an artist who redefines traditional painting and is utilizing all the tools available to the time and place she was born into.
September 16th, 2019 3:09:20 PM