Owl of Artefacts

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Owl of Artefacts


This one is quite literally a computer artefact. AKA., the product of an error in the filter's code. I initially tried to generate a set of frames using the logo for the game Quadradius, and an "Array [mirrored]" filter in G'MIC-qt, but after generating several frames, it turned out it was generating them smaller and smaller, meaning some of the frames were just 2 pixels wide... I then, for the heck of it, passed that to the Layer Median combination filter... Given that filter tends to break horribly if differently sized layers are given to it (and I had layers from 2 px to 2000px !!), I was pleasantly surprised at the result ! Of course, I did polish the "error" slightly to push the colors, cut it down to shape and add some contrast (otherwise it was just a dark hyper-symmetric blob), so it's not a "pure" artefact creation ;)

SuperRare link: https://superrare.co/artwork-v2/owl-of-artefacts-6170
December 16th, 2019 4:03:15 PM
Created On-Chain By pbock