What awaits at the bottom ?

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What awaits at the bottom ?


Inspired by the physics simulation rogue-like "Noita".
This monster sadly doesn't exist in Noita. I've never survived to the end so I just made this beast as an idea of what might be awaiting at the bottom of this hellish cavern !

I highly recommend this game. Fighting as a wizard and trying to stay alive with a wide variety of enemies in a cave that is WAY too flammable is such fun !

The different spells one can load in one's wands (nukes, digging lasers, chainsaws, magic missiles, summons, earthquakes....) make for a very diverse playthroughs... and the optional random layout mod makes for... interesting... starts in the game (fancy being an Eldritch, Fire, Thunder or Butcher wizard ?)

My favorite is the gigantic flying saw discs... with boomerang effects. When they work, they're awesome... so what if you accidentally cut your own body in half every now and again.



January 1st, 2020 11:38:31 PM
Created On-Chain By pbock