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Dragon hurt me, when I though he was a real friend. Listen Puffin. Seems like Sandra had not made her made up until the 22nd. Dude, she is really she confused and messed up. She left on the 3rd. That day, for me, we were Friends. For her, it wasn't sure. And if she though of coming back till the 22nd, then she thought I'd take her back. Yet, that would of mean she it was all the same game again in a way. But, I had made my mind.

I can of ordered dragon to screenshot his dm with her. Cause what he was saying at times was like...hmmm. I did not help me at all, when I though he was. Actually, made it worste. And now, 3 beautiful children and her mother is going down the rabbit hole.

Puffin, as a Human, As a 43yrs Old man. I've never been this hurt. MagNFT is out. Everything should be done for MagNFT in 24hrs. Sandra has cut off all, ALL communication. I have no way to tell her, what, on the 15th for example you still warnt 100% sure! Sandra, I care for you. Not love you. We stop loving each other for to long. Yet, she was willing. Maybe or probably for family dreams and hope. Just means tho, she saw me through the same eyes. I could of never had a chance with my kids in this situation.

Now, I need to fight like a bitch. So hard. So alone. Not sure. :slight_smile: But MagNFT 2 issue will be fine.
January 25th, 2020 7:36:32 AM
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January 25th, 2020 7:28:24 AM
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