Enameled Finnish Consulate Sign

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Auction Name Turun messukeskus | Turku Fair Center
Lot Number 272

Enameled Finnish Consulate Sign

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The size of sign is 49.5 x 58 cm. Enamel slightly worn in the edges.

<i>We welcome all questions about the condition of this lot, bidding, payment and shipping. Please contact us +358503268763 or <a href="mailto:info@eeriks.fi">info@eeriks.fi</a>.</i>


Emalikyltin koko on 49.5 x 58 cm. Kyltin reunassa lievää emalivauriota.

<i>Kysy lisää kohteen kunnosta, huutamisesta, maksutavoista ja kuljetuksesta +358503268763 tai <a href="mailto:info@eeriks.fi">info@eeriks.fi</a>.</i>

August 13th, 2019 3:37:50 AM
Created By Eerik's Oy