Brass Paul Revere Bowl

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Brass Paul Revere Bowl


Brass Paul Revere Bowl hand spun with heavy brass and a high polish finish

Era: Modern and Post-Modern (1950 to Present)

Artist/Maker: New England Copperworks

Dimensions: 8" width and 4" height

Condition: Excellent- wear consistent with age and use, including age spots

Provenance: Commissioned by the West family to be made by New England Copperworks and given as a gift to the local church. After a change in church leadership, the object found its way into a local shop in Keene, New Hampshire.
The object was purchased by the estate of the Talley Family of Delaware (1686) to be part of the family's extensive collection of brass objects.
The hand crafted brass bowl was used in church services such as a christening or baptism for family members. Provenance has been documented by the Talley Family to ensure that the history of the object is preserved for future generations.
Material culture is the aspect of social reality grounded in the objects and architecture that surround people. It includes the usage, consumption, creation, and trade of objects as well as the behaviors, norms, and rituals that the objects create or take part in.
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