Decentralized Digital Flag 2020 24"x36"

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Medium Photographic Archival Print
Total Editions 1
Creator Name Gisel Florez NYG
Artist Name Gisel X Florez
Era 2020
Dimensions Inches 24in x 36in
Signature Location Hand Signed by Gisel Florez

Decentralized Digital Flag 2020 24"x36"


American Flag feeling the winds of change in 2020. Transmissions of Light Series. This image was lit by the waves of phosphorus, neon, and the energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LED). The resulting photograph creates a textural mapping, a lightwave based blueprint of space & time. Shot in Times Square NYC. I have found my power through the intentional use of manual photographic choices. The action of being in the moment captures slight nature of heart no computer can generate. As I walk with my camera in a sea of all cultures, I become one with the Infinitum.
Giclee Print, Edition of One, Fine Art Paper, Hand Signed by Gisel Florez.
June 24th, 2020 7:50:32 PM
Created By GISELX