Original Advertising Poster Smirnoff Vodka Kama Sutra

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Original Advertising Poster Smirnoff Vodka Kama Sutra


Original vintage drink advertising poster for Smirnoff, the renowned vodka brand founded in Moscow. Smirnoff uses a humorous advertising slogan here - "I thought the Kama Sutra was an Indian restaurant until I discovered Smirnoff". The poster features the quote in white text set against a candy red background, Smirnoff's signature colour scheme. These original vintage Smirnoff advertising posters are part of the 1970s The Effect is Shattering campaign by the London-based Young and Rubican agency, which aimed to promote the vodka as a way to achieve glamour and excitement as an escape from the humdrum of daily life. Very good condition, light scuffs (mainly on bottom edge). Country of issue: UK, designer: Uknown, size (cm): 46.5x41, year of printing: 1970s
August 4th, 2020 4:20:53 PM
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