ROTJedi novelization - Luke first appears

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Medium Original manuscript - Pen on paper
Edition Number 1
Total Editions 1
Condition Original manuscript - good, consistent with age
Creator Name James Kahn
Artist Name James Kahn
Asset Created At 7/19/1982, 7:00:00 AM
Era a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
Dimensions Inches original document 8 1/2 X 11
Signature Location accompanying provenance letter

ROTJedi novelization - Luke first appears


Original handwritten manuscript. This is the first page following the prologue, in which Luke appears, incognito, inserting his light saber into R2D2 - though we won't realize that until Artoo tosses it back to him for the fight and escape at the sand barges. This page is also the first ever transliteration of R2D2's language - "Vrrrr-dit dweet?" The document is accompanied by a letter of provenance which includes some thoughts on my use of transliteration in the novel, and the pushback I got for that technique. Also includes my signature, date of May the Fourth, and my college ID for further verification.
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