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Make SneakerHead
Model Sneaker 20
Medium NFT
Edition Number #2907
Total Editions 5000
Creator Name SneakerHeads
Artist Name ALI DAWOOD
Asset Created At 6/18/2022, 7:00:00 AM
Era Modern
Signature Location



Sneakerheads is a collection of 5000 unique NFTs designed by legendary artist and founder Ali Dawood. Over 40 meticulously designed 3D, hand-drawn base models with unrivaled levels of detail - capturing the look, feel, and style of a sneaker like never before.
July 28th, 2022 9:33:53 PM
Transferred On-Chain To 0xd1a9776eb1cc92b7646ee03e35f8acf58e72d771
June 25th, 2022 3:45:50 AM
Created On-Chain By 0xa856714cb54ba23a162fb7f36d05ff049dee4130